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The range of services we offer to our patients desiring IV sedation are unrivaled by any other general dentistry office offering any form of IV sedation in the State of Iowa.  These services span the breadth of those found in a normal general dentistry office as well as services typically found in an oral surgery office.*

*We do not offer Root Canals under IV sedation.  If you are needing a root canal on a tooth that is part of your treatment plan, we work closely with Dr. Chase Wicker at Cedar Rapids Endodontics.  He is the only Endodontist in the state that routinely provides root canal care under IV sedation sharing the same medical providers we use for IV sedation. He is also able to do multiple root canals in one appointment under IV sedation in a fraction of the amount of time any general dentist could do them.

Services provided under IV sedation:

Exams, cleanings, Xray imaging and intra-oral imaging
Deep cleanings
White Fillings
Crowns- single appointment crowns
Cosmetic Dentistry

Oral surgery services provided under IV sedation

Single Tooth Extractions (simple and surgical – Any tooth)
Multiple Tooth Extractions- such as full arch for denture placement
Removal of Impacted wisdom teeth- soft tissue, part boney, or full boney
Socket preservation (dental implant site prep)
Fully guided dental implant placement

Patient forms and patient request for consultation.

If you are a healthy adult and would like to request a consultation.  Please fill out the below forms and submit a request.  If you have pictures of any of your x-ray images Please attach as well.

Consultation fee: $99 that will go toward your appointment if you schedule.

This includes any intra-oral X-ray images and a dental exam so that a treatment plan can be made for your treatment appointment.

This fee is credited toward any planned treatment under IV sedation.

Referring Dentists:

If you have a patient that is unable to tolerate dental treatment, a patient with a profound gag reflex or a patient that can’t get numb, we are here to help.  We can provide any desired postop images, notes, and would prefer the patient be seen in your office post op to ensure they stay at your office.

Be Anxiety-free and Pain-free
at your next dental appointment.