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Experience dental work like you never have before

Simple. Safe. Sleep through it all.

 At Iowa Sedation Dentistry, we want your dental appointment to be as relaxing as possible. We want to give you a spa experience. We offer IV sedation for all of your dental care- this includes cleanings, fillings, crowns, dental implants, surgical extractions, and removal of all types of impacted wisdom teeth. We are also able to do combinations of these procedures in one appointment.

One-of-a-kind Dentistry

Iowa Sedation Dentistry is the only IV sedation provider for the state of Iowa that offers IV Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia for general dentistry.  We are routinely referred dental patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety from offices across the state to provide comprehensive care under the deepest level of IV sedation that can be safely achieved outside of a hospital.  Our IV sedation, provided by a licensed medical provider, is nearly 100% effective against all dental anxiety.  If fear or stress of going to the dentist is keeping you from addressing dental pain, dental health needs, or simply a pleasant dental appointment, consider IV sedation.

Benefits of IV Sedation

The only truly painless dentistry

Sleep through your appointment
Ability to do ALL dental work in ONE visit

Are you a good candidate?

Find out if IV Sedation Dentistry is right for you.

Be Anxiety-free and Pain-free
at your next dental appointment.